Search Engine Optimisation

Bringing more visitors to your website

Search engine friendly from the start

LeanCMS has been developed to include search engine friendly features from the start, so Google (still 90% of the UK search market) can crawl your website quickly and easily.

Helping people find what they're looking for

In its purest form, search engine optimisation is helping people find what they're looking for. If people are looking for exactly the product or service you offer, we want them to find your website.

Our approach to SEO involves understanding what you offer and creating a campaign that brings the right visitors to your site. We're not trying to con Google or visitors to go to your website – in the longer run these strategies will harm your website performance. The best SEO strategy is to match the demand for your product or service, with people who are searching for it.

Our SEO experts will design and implement an SEO campaign on your website with minimal fuss. We'll need to learn about what you offer but we'll take all the hard work away from you. You'll be safe in the knowledge that your new website is working hard to generate you business, 24 hours a day.

Ongoing campaign management

Once your initial SEO campaign is up and running, we'll meet with you quarterly (or more often if required) to assess how effective it is for you and where we can continue to improve performance.


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