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LeanCMS offers a range of modules that you can add to your websites to help build your web presence with potential customers whilst optimising it for the search engines.

These website add-ons will encourage your customers to interact with your website, help build knowledge and trust in what you are offering as well as giving great functionality and ultimately visitor satisfaction.

Pick & mix your optional features from the options below.


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LeanCMS additional modules

case studies

Case studies

An effective way to show your potential customers how you've helped other similar customers and in turn how you can also help them.  Use images and text to create informative case studies.

custom form builder

Custom form builder

Whether you want to set up simple customer questionnaires, capture information on a landing page or have customers request more information, the custom form builder means you can quickly set up and capture your customer data.


foreign language pages

Foreign language pages

If you are selling abroad, make your potential and existing customers website visit a more enjoyable experience by speaking to them in their native language. This also benefits your search engine performance in these countries. Make it easy for them to make an enquiry or purchase from you.

meet your team

Meet your team

It's great to put a face to a voice! With images and text options show your customers who they are dealing with.

photo gallery

Photo gallery

Upload photos to a dedicated area of your website to showcase who you are and what you are offering. Pictures really can speak a thousand words.

price breaks/volume pricing

Price breaks/volume pricing

Set up volume pricing to encourage your customers to buy larger volumes and introduce price breaks for trade customers.