Grows with your Business

LeanCMS is a B2B scalable platform that can grow with your business requirements

You choose the website features which will enhance your business

Usability, performance and robustness are the overall qualities of the LeanCMS platform. Traditionally, CMS platforms have offered a large and diverse feature set out of the box, designed to appeal to as broad a spectrum as possible, rather than focussing strengths in a particular sector. This means that you pay for features you'll never use and the unnecessary bloat can hamper performance – both in terms of speed and administrative difficulty. It's a bit like buying a Ferrari and only using it around town.

Works hand in hand with your business as it grows

LeanCMS is different. Built from the bottom-up rather than the top-down means you get, and pay for, exactly what you need. From an administrative point-of-view this means no unnecessary complications and ensures that your website will load and run quickly.

This does not imply limitations though; indeed, quite the opposite. Built on a strong and reliable spine, the modular-type coding means that the option to scale up functionality is infinite. This is far more efficient and cost-effective than scaling down. And due to the construction of the core, every LeanCMS website is visually bespoke.

Whether you require standard features or bespoke functionality, we don't throw everything at you and leave you with an inefficient and complex-to-update website. LeanCMS ensures that your website works for you and can be scaled or built upon as your business needs dictate.


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