Google Analytics Reporting

Reports and our analysis to help your website thrive

All the management information you'll ever need

One of Realnet's core goals is to deliver measurable results. From setting up weekly, monthly or quarterly website statistics reports, to bespoke product performance reports and goal analysis, Realnet can produce the online reporting you need for your business. We also have the experience to analyse, understand and explain user trends, to bring value to the figures and empower your decision making.

Google Analytics

LeanCMS websites are linked up to Google Analytics to provide real-time website stats on just about anything you could imagine – and lots of things you probably hadn't.

Understanding your business

Our hands-on approach takes the hassle out of interpreting vast amounts of raw data. We will ensure you have the right reports for your business, with figures presented in a usable format. We'll explain and ensure you understand them, so you can present them up the chain within your organisation. With a LeanCMS website you will have all the information you need and in a way you can use.


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