Easy Content Management

Update content any time of the day or night

Lean means user-friendly content management

User experience and usability are not solely front-end requirements. A key principle of LeanCMS is how quick and easy it is for you to keep your website content up to date.

LeanCMS is all about reducing the wasted time and effort required to update your website.

Do you dread updating your current website?

Business needs vary between industries and individual companies, and the inherent usability of LeanCMS means it is effective and efficient whether you make daily or more periodical updates. You may only have monthly news or product updates, you may run regular promotions, or you may need to be responsive to a fluctuating regulatory environment.

We've designed the content management system to allow you to be able to make changes without fear, referring to a long manual or having to ask for help.

Edit your site after only 10 minutes of training

We've really made it simple and easy to master; the full demo of your website content management system can be done in a 10-minute phone call. No day-long training session or thick manuals to contend with.

LeanCMS will give you the ability to easily change the parts of your site that need to be regularly updated. It's also foolproof, so you really can't break your site!

Request a demo and see how easy it is for yourself.

We are here for you

Don't think we hand over your site and forget about you!

We're here to support, advise and evolve your site as your full web partner and make it easy for you to do the regular updates to your site content yourself.


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