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When you're a business on the cutting edge of tech, it's important that your website shows your credentials. A fast, responsive, and clean design will show potential customers that you're up to date in all aspects of your business. If you stand out in your industry, then you need to stand out online too.

LeanCMS is used by many companies in high-tech industries, to display their innovation to the world. Whether you require a brochure type site to show-off what you can do, or need to list and sort a wide range of products, however diverse; LeanCMS is the answer.


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These companies already trading online with LeanCMS Packages:


Weightless technologies are the open standard for wireless connectivity specifications for low power, wide area networks. They are specifically designed for the Internet of Things (IoT).


SGA Technologies

SGA Technologies design and manufacture high quality hermetic components and offer specialist plating services.