Distributor Websites

Designed around the needs of wholesale companies.

Wholesale b2b e-commerce websites

B2B e-commerce is a rapidly growing market and a LeanCMS wholesale website allows you to service the growing trend for B2B self-service. 

Whilst many e-commerce platforms offer B2B selling as an afterthought, LeanCMS is designed first and foremost around the needs of wholesale purchasers. You can save time and money with an ecommerce solution built specifically for the requirements of distributors and impress your customers with a fully functional wholesale portal designed to encourage repeat ordering. 

LeanCMS includes many features to allow you to sell on account, manage varied pricing structures and shipping requirements; but at the heart of all this functionality is a great user experience, offering all the ease of retail ordering to trade users.  


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These companies already trading online with LeanCMS Packages:


Ambersphere are the exclusive UK suppliers of stage and entertainment lighting for the Clay Paky, MA Lighting, Ayrton and Robert Juliat brands.


Cavendish French Jewellery

Cavendish French are an international brand of high quality silver jewellery who sell both to retail shops and directly to the end customer.



Leisuretec are a leading wholesale only A/V equipment distributor in the UK.