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Auto parts suppliers typically have very large product catalogues. At the retail end of the chain, you might have a multi-marque offering of thousands of lines per manufacturer. On the OEM side, you might have products with applications across more than one brand or manufacturer. It is therefore essential, whether you are a manufacturer, distributor, or retail seller, that your auto parts e-commerce store has a comprehensive product management and display system.

LeanCMS is used by vehicle parts suppliers in different sectors, from commercial vehicles to agricultural tyres. 

Its product information manager means that your product lines can have varied attributes and relationships which offers the ability to customise search and filtering so that buyers can easily and efficiently drill-down to the right part. 

With the trade e-commerce options; you can sell on account, manage varied pricing structures and differing shipping requirements.


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These companies already trading online with LeanCMS Packages:


Truck-Lite is a world leader in the design and manufacture of vision systems servicing the automotive and commercial vehicle industry.


Brocks Wheel and Tyre

Brocks Wheel & Tyre specialise in wheels and tyres for the agricultural sector.


J Brock & Sons

J Brock & Sons are a leading agricultural machinery trader in new and used machinery as well as spare parts.