SGA Technologies

SGA Technologies are a highly specialised manufacturer operating in niche markets

posted on: 15 February 2016

Helping SGA Technologies increase enquiries

SGA Technologies are a highly specialised manufacturer operating in niche markets.  Due to the nature of the components that they produce, quality and reliability are essential - a failure could well result in a life or death situation. 

The SGA website was a number of years old; it had been built before responsive design was even a consideration.  It had a limited content management system, and so was very rarely updated.  Though SGA liked the existing layout of the site, a thorough facelift was required to bring the styling up to date, and ensure that the site was being found by potential customers.

Realnet's LeanCMS platform offered the ideal solution.  The easy to use content management system would mean that SGA could update the site as regularly as they liked, without compromising design integrity.  Whether adding a new product, changing a homepage banner, or adding a new page; LeanCMS would ensure that the site visuals stayed consistent.  The inbuilt SEO tools would mean that the site produced sensible metadata which could then be refined, along with content, by one of Realnet's digital marketers.  On the user-side of the site, an up to date responsive design would allow the site to display correctly on tablet and mobile too.

The refreshed website has steadily been increasing in traffic.  Year on year visitor numbers are up by over 20%, and the site now ranks from 1 to 4 on google for all of SGA's key product types.  SGA regularly upload fresh product images and information, using the cms to keep onsite information up to date.

SGA Technologies