Phoenix Fund Services

Phoenix Fund Services is a leading fund administrator for UK and Offshore fund structures.  They have £5.4 billion under administration across over 70 funds and 22 investment management and fund sponsorship groups.


Phoenix required a new website that would better portray their brand, and would also give them the opportunity to introduce useful and innovative features for both clients and investors.   Realnet worked with Phoenix to develop a plan for the website that would offer much more than just a brochure.  


The site would need to accommodate two distinct user types - fund managers/companies, and investors - and would need to have class leading functionality for both groups.  This would make the site a valuable tool for their existing clients, that would also be attractive to potential clients, as well as making the site a useful resource for investors.    

Ease of use for site administrators was also key, and a well thought out CMS links the core practices of the business with website front end functionality.

In the CMS, a fund administration section allows Phoenix to manage the on-site details for their fund companies.  For each company, they can then manage the regulatory documents pertaining to each individual fund.  The site also integrates with existing back-house systems to automatically update share prices.  The system also generates customised Iframe pages for the fund companies, that can then be embedded on their own websites, thus ensuring that fund information on their site is always up to date.  Due to operating in a heavily regulated environment, the CMS has also been developed to alert the administrator of any missing records or share class information.



The new fully responsive website has already seen a dramatic decrease in bounce rate compared to the original site, allied to an increase in page views and quadrupling of session duration. Alongside a significant increase in returning visitor rates, this shows that the website is achieving its aim of becoming an invaluable resource to its users.