KC Smith

KC Smith manufacture specialist wires for medical applications.  They have a diverse customer base, from hospitals to universities and laboratories across Europe.


KC Smith had never previously traded online, but recognised the time and cost savings e-commerce could offer them.  Having recently replaced their ERP system, they were also keen on the ability to integrate a new e-commerce site with it.  The site would also need to cater for wholesale account customers, as well as one-off retail purchases.


A LeanCMS e-commerce website offered the ideal platform to get KC Smith trading online quickly.  With the additional wholesale package, the website was setup to accommodate account orders.  The modular design of the LeanCMS platform means that the website can be integrated with their ERP system when they are ready to do so.


The new e-commerce website has provided KC Smith with an additional route to market.  The site began to receive orders on the very first day of going live, proving there was a demand for this sales channel.  KC Smith expect sales to keep increasing, and a complimentary e-commerce website for a different area of the company is currently in the planning stage.