Compassion Understood

Compassion Understood provide online pet loss training for staff working in the veterinary sector. Their courses have been developed by leading professionals in the industry, and are set to become the standard accreditations for pet loss education.

"Such an easy CMS to use! I don’t think I've ever seen/used such a straight-forward site ever!"

Dr Libby Sheridan, Mojo Consultancy Ltd


Compassion Understood is a brand new concept, that has been created by experts in the field of pet loss. They provide training in how to care for grieving owners at the end of their companion's life. Their training is tailored to the different functions within a veterinary practice, so they can provide the right education to different members of staff. An online platform was the obvious choice for delivering the courses, and a tight deadline was necessary for the start-up's plans.


The LeanCMS platform offered an excellent starting point for this new and innovative concept. Content creation is key to the success of the business, and the easy to use LeanCMS system means that the team can easily create and edit pages.  The real fun however was to be had creating the bespoke course module.

The training that Compassion Understood offer has varying levels of advancement, and the qualification is personal - awarded to the individual rather than the practice. This was a core requirement, as it means that smaller independent practices are not at a disadvantage to the big multi-branch businesses. However, the qualification itself counts towards the practice's accreditation as a Compassion Understood practice. This requirement called for some heavy duty bespoke programming, that would also allow the site to accommodate a large number of users.

The site needed to be populated, user tested, and live in time for an important industry trade show. Careful project planning broke the build and content requirements down into manageable stages.  Overseen by one of our project managers, the LeanCMS team and Compassion Understood co-ordinated their efforts to ensure the intermediate milestones were all hit on time.